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SEF Congress: IVF Marbella and Ovobank, innovation and research


Ovobank and FIV Marbella are present with six communications, four oral and two posters, at the 32nd National Congress of the Spanish Fertility Society, the most important event in assisted reproduction at a national level, which begins today in Madrid. We are proud to have this

  • Oral communication “Aneuploidies in embryos from fresh and devitrified donor oocytes“.
  • Oral communication “Is there a difference in oocyte quality depending on the number of stimulations of egg bank donors?“.
  • Oral communication “FSH dose and oocyte quality in cryopreserved donor oocytes“.
  • Oral communication “Universal Warming Protocol in bank donor oocytes” .
  • Poster “Ovarian stimulation and oocyte quality. friends or foes?“.
  • Poster “Oocyte number and oocyte quality: a study of survival, fertilization and β-HCG positive in an egg bank“.

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