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Ovoclinic, part of the teaching team of the postgraduate course “Specialist in Assisted Reproduction”.



The Hospital Universitario Materno-Infantil Torrecárdenas de Almería, co-organizes with Ovoclinic and the University of Almería, the title of University Specialist in Human Assisted Reproduction.

The team of Ovoclinic – Assisted Reproduction Clinics – together with the rest of the teachers of the collaborating entities, will train the postgraduate students in theory and practice.

Students will have the opportunity to carry out the postgraduate internship in Ovoclinic’s laboratories in Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona, or in the laboratories of the Human Assisted Reproduction Unit of the Torrecárdenas University Hospital in Almería.

The group of professionals of Ovoclinic which collaborates in the theoretical and practical training, has more than 20 years of experience in reproductive medicine techniques at national and international level, which, in the opinion of Enrique Criado, CEO and director of Ovoclinic Laboratories, means making available to the students the knowledge and experience in the field of reproductive medicine. state-of-the-art technology in the field of assisted reproduction.

Ovoclinic will be part of the teaching staff of the FIRST EDITION of the postgraduate course University Specialist in Human Assisted Reproduction’. co-organized by the University Hospital Torrecárdenas and the University of Almería.

“At Ovoclinic, we work with Ovolearning – online training platform – where we are committed to continuous learning. For our group, we are proud to be part of this first edition of the postgraduate course co-organized by the Torrecárdenas University Hospital and the University of Almería, and to offer our facilities for the training of future specialists in assisted reproduction”. said Enrique Criado, CEO of Ovoclinic and teacher of the course.

“We are very pleased to have the professionals and facilities of the Ovoclinic clinics for this first postgraduate specialization in Human Assisted Reproduction. Our main objective is to train specialists in Human Assisted Reproduction at the highest level, as well as to provide learning and development to students in the latest research techniques,” added Miguel Angel Vilches, director and tutor of the postgraduate course.


The internship block will be carried out for two months, until the 130 hours of training are completed.

The students will be able to train as specialists in assisted reproduction in the three Ovoclinic laboratories (andrology,  embryology and research laboratory) equipped with innovative technology, at its headquarters in Marbella, Madrid or Barcelona or in the new Human Assisted Reproduction laboratories of the Maternal and Child University Hospital of Torrecárdenas in Almería.

Ovoclinic’s facilities have been recognized with the ISO 9001:2015 and UNE 179007:2013 quality certification. audited by Bureau Veritas.

Ovoclinic Marbella Laboratory


The postgraduate course, with a maximum of 25 places, directed by Miguel Ángel Vilches Ferrón (Clinical Embryologist and Head of the Human Assisted Reproduction Laboratories of the Maternal and Child University Hospital of Torrecárdenas) and Carmen María Rodríguez López, from the Department of Nursing Sciences, Physiotherapy and Medicine of the University of Almería, has already opened its registration period.

The registration is already open, for more information go to the web of the University of Almeria.

Training Structure:

  • Advanced learning in treatments, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, genetics of Human Assisted Reproduction, as well as research methodology, bioethics, psychology and legal aspects.
  • Acquisition of skills in the different Human Assisted Reproduction Techniques in the Human Reproduction laboratories, as well as techniques of Human Assisted Reproduction Gynecology.

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