Ovobank, invited by the Portuguese Fertility Society at the XXVI International Conference on Reproductive Medicine in Portugal, in Figueira da Foz.

In these days, Ovobank had the opportunity to present two papers.

The first one, with the title “Optimization of results working with an ovule bank”, dealt with Ovobank’s laboratory work, how samples are received, laboratory control points, types of shipments and the monitoring of the same through Ovotracker, etc., and also presented the results of the ovocytes of Ovobank in our clinical clinic FIV Marbella.

In the second, entitled “Universal Warming Protocol”, the first results of a study were presented, still in progress, where we showed that vitrified eggs with a trademark, in this case Kitazato, can be devitrified by means of other trademarks without the Survival rates are affected. The study is still under development, so the results are continuously updated.