Animal Assisted Reproduction

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Animal assisted reproduction


Participants will learn about this technique through which up to 10 eggs can be obtained in a single extraction. After fertilization and subsequent cultivation in the laboratory, we will be able to maximize the number of embryos per mare.

Theoretical and Practical
Language: Spanish
27/01/2023 and 28/01/2023
Up to 8 students
Price: 1.210 €

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I signed up for the course without having any practice in an assisted reproduction laboratory, with the purpose of really seeing how it works and how one works in this type of laboratory and, of course, to learn, and the speaker, who was with us all the time, she had all the patience and kindness in the world. So I encourage all students who are thinking of taking a reproduction course to do so with Ovobank, which are one of the few that offer courses in which Biology students can enroll.

I especially liked the treatment that all the staff gave us, very friendly and willing to lend us a hand with any questions we had. The very complete agenda and the practices are with real ovules to be able to practice the techniques that they taught us. I felt really happy.

The best thing has been how the teacher has adapted to the level of each student. Always trying to make the most of time. We have received magnificent treatment and learned the basics of the technique well.

Trust in our team
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