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ovobank, ovoclinic and ovohorse training platform

Ovolearning offers specialized courses and workshops with the objective of training professionals from all over the world in the latest laboratory techniques and protocols.

Ovolearning courses (ICSI, PGD, vitrification/devitrification…) are held throughout the year in Marbella, the group’s headquarters. The courses are divided into two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part that corresponds to 80% of the training, where the participants will have the opportunity to carry out the technique together with the assisted reproduction protocols within the laboratory, in order to achieve the best results.


First donor egg bank in Europe

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Assisted reproduction clinic with facilities in Marbella, Madrid, Seville and Ceuta.

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Equine assisted reproduction. Leader in animal cloning techniques


Upcoming courses

Human Assisted Reproduction

The course is structured in two parts, a first theoretical part in which the basic concepts of PGD in human reproduction will be taught and a practical part that will occupy 80% of the course in which the students will be able to perform trophectoderm biopsies in blastocysts with different techniques such as pulling and flicking. They will perform the processing and preparation of trophectoderm fragments for shipment to the genetics laboratory.

Theoretical - practical
Language: English
Up to 8 students
Price: 1.250 €


ESHRE Enrique Criado Scholz
07 Jul: Ovobank present at the 38th Edition of the ESHRE

Once again, the team of professionals of Ovobank – the first Egg Bank in Europe – has attended the annual meeting organized by the ESHRE, the most important international event in the assisted reproduction sector. This year, the annual meeting of the ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) took place on July 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Milan, Italy, where it brought together thousands of reproductive medicine professionals from all over the world.

Congreso Nacional Sociedad Española de Fertilidad (SEF) Bilbao 2022
06 May: Ovolearning presents its clinical study at the 33rd National Congress of SEF

Part of the team of professionals of Ovolearning (Ovoclinic’s training platform…

XI Congreso ASEBIR Toledo 2021
19 Nov: The Ovolearning team presents its scientific poster at the XI ASEBIR Congress

Throughout this week, part of the embryology team of Ovolearning, Ovoclinic and…

Vitrificación Ovolearning
25 Oct: What happens to cryopreserved embryos?

Thanks to the advances that have been made in the world of cryobiology and reproduction, the…

Control de temperatura
01 Sep: Embryo culture quality: temperature

One of the areas that has evolved the most in recent years in the field of …

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What do you think of our courses?

I signed up for the course without having any practice in an assisted reproduction laboratory, with the purpose of really seeing how it works and how one works in this type of laboratory and, of course, to learn, and the speaker, who was with us all the time, she had all the patience and kindness in the world. So I encourage all students who are thinking of taking a reproduction course to do so with Ovobank, which are one of the few that offer courses in which Biology students can enroll.

I especially liked the treatment that all the staff gave us, very friendly and willing to lend us a hand with any questions we had. The very complete agenda and the practices are with real ovules to be able to practice the techniques that they taught us. I felt really happy.

The best thing has been how the teacher has adapted to the level of each student. Always trying to make the most of time. We have received magnificent treatment and learned the basics of the technique well.

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